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We at Öbergs care for our customers and suppliers' integrity. In light of the new data protection regulation, GDPR, which comes into force on May 25, we want to inform you about what information we store and why.


All information we store on Öbergs about you as a customer or supplier is based on information we have received from you via correspondence or from official channels (eg websites and fairs). We only store information that is necessary for us to be able to fulfill our commitment to you as a customer and / or supplier. All stored information about customers or suppliers can be found in our password-protected business system, which in turn is located on a password-protected server.


Information we save is,

  • name, phone number and mail to contact persons who in their professional role have been in contact with us.
  • postal and delivery addresses for our customers and suppliers.
  • general email addresses and telephone numbers for our customers and suppliers.
  • information on industry affiliation and / or product range for customers and suppliers.


We save the above information in order to,

  • have the opportunity to communicate with individuals about common interests.
  • handle the deliveries of goods sold.
  • distribute information that we consider necessary to interested parties.
  • handle correspondence about made and future business.


We at Öbergs save the above information as long as it is needed for us to be able to cooperate with the person or company concerned. If desired, the data can be displayed, deleted or moved. Thus, we do not store any information that can be attributed to a private person outside his or her professional role, such as personal identification number or other sensitive information.


The occasions when Öbergs sends information via mailing is done only to email addresses from existing contacts from our sales support program or business system. In all of these mailings, the recipient has the opportunity to terminate the subscription.


We at Öbergs strive to be as professional and flexible as possible partners. In order to achieve this, we need to save contact information and addresses to our customers and suppliers in order to ensure a quick and smooth correspondence. However, this must never compromise on personal privacy, therefore we are available to answer any questions about our handling of personal and company information.


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Contact person for questions about GDPR;

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